Horse Makeover

The Horse

I carved this horse 27 years ago as a rocking horse but with no children to ride it, it sort of just hung around my homes.  After many years and many moves it had become a little old looking so I gave it a makeover.  It is carved out of old cedar 4 X 4’s laminated together.  The saddle I made using a leather working tool kit my father left me.  He was always making wallets or belts or arrow quivers out of leather.

In the makeover I sanded the whole thing down, made some poplar embellishments to give it more of a carousel horse look, built a new stand and post out of pine, made a little “bedroll” for the back of the saddle, painted it’s toenails and finished it with high gloss polyurethane.

The tooling on the saddle is a rose theme so I bought some white wooden roses and added them to the “bedroll” by drilling through the middle and inserting the stems.

Now it will have a proud place in my living room instead of a corner of the office.

On it’s new stand, it is 42 inches tall and 38 inches long.  Click on the images for larger views.


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