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That seems like a very good thing.  Being a Secular Humanist I would certainly like to think of myself as pro-life.  A better descriptor of myself might be “pro-quality-of-life.”

Why is it that those passionate people who call themselves pro-life seem to only mean pro-fetus? Pro-life advocates seem to only care about fetuses before they’re born.  If they were  really pro-life, they’d work to care for the mom and her children after the  delivery, too!

In their view every pregnancy MUST be brought to term – but after that it’s  hands off and there’s “freedom” from intervention. Then you should have  your rights to privacy. Then you should make your own decisions. Then, don’t you dare go on welfare!

The wedge issue of abortion is a red herring. It’s a giant distraction – a  shiny thing we all focus on and a drain on resources which could actually be  going to making “life” better for American children and families.

“Life” has to mean more than just treating women like public incubators. Truth be told, a big factor in the one out of every five pregnancies ending in abortion  is – unemployment. Lack of money. Lack of resources. Being pro-life is  short-sighted when it comes to living. If the goal of pro-lifers is eliminating  all abortions, they should start by eliminating the reasons for abortions.  Unwanted pregnancy is number one, so they should be for birth control. The  second is financial. So they should be for what the right wing likes to refer to  despairingly as “socialism.”

As for me, I care very much for the lives of nonhumans as well, which are no less precious or  important, and I make it a point to preserve life wherever and whenever I can.  I am pro a living wage for people who work for a living. A viable middle class. An  economy which lifts all people, not just the uber-rich. Honest, transparent and  accountable corporations and elected officials. Infrastructure. Education.  Health care for all. Healthy kids.

I’m vehemently and vocally opposed to war, genocide, the death penalty, poverty,  abuse, bullying of any type and the blood sport of hunting.

But that’s just me.


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