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For People in the Eugene Oregon Area

I don’t know that I am followed by many in my specific geographic area.  Eugene, Oregon, but here is what I have planned.

I’d like to get some like minded people together to assemble and wrap gifts for the homeless of Eugene for Christmas.   Socks, gloves, hats, food gifts, whatever might be universal and welcomed. Even just a cup of coffee.

Spend Christmas eve and Christmas day driving around Eugene to where we have all seen those people you know could use this and would be so happy to receive a holiday joy.

Start thinking about where we could go. Who you have seen.  The times you wished you could help but the light changed.

I can spend up to $500 on getting things.  Any help with more from anyone who has the means and empathy to do so would be wonderful. Donations would be welcome.

I’d like help with the wrapping and shopping and distribution.  I’d like someone to film.  Not for self promotion but so we could post on YouTube and inspire more giving.  More paying it forward.

Many denegrate the homeless.  Many complain about their very existence here in Eugene.  I would like to make a difference to them for a day or two.

Reply if you can spare the time, and compassion is not alien to you.

I could use some help, but will still do this by myself if no one feels like helping.  I need to do this.

Give someone your smile and something to smile about. It can change the world. Not the whole world, but their world.



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