I am building a 1/6th scale TARDIS

I am building a prototype for a new product for www.TARDIScabinets.com. This is a 1/6th scale table lamp with some unique features. All 24 of the lower door panels will be made of TARDIS blue semi-transparant plexi-glass and all 8 of the window panels will be a white semi-transparant plexi-glass. There will be a light source inside that will illuminate all from the inside, creating a timey-wimey glow. The frame is made of solid hardwoods.

The top lamp will be created using laser 3D printing and will light up via an LED on a separate switch.

This will stand 17 inches (43 cm) tall. I will also be building a pedestal display for it that will have underlighting. You will just have to check back to see what I mean and the build as it develops.

This TARDIS will be a hybrid design.

I like the look of the beveled base and the lamp I designed to be laser cut is new series.  I like the look of the Brachacki posts with quarter round insets at the corners and will attempt to mimic that with my router. (if I can find the proper router bit)   Or I will use my table saw to channel the corners at 1/8th depth and carve the quarter rounds out of some very small dowels I have on hand.

I like the roof design of the Met box and the step trim on walls/doors above windows.

Still undecided on the era of the top signs.  Windows, as I said, will be of white semi-transparent plexi-glass and I will use blue muntins, so those will be more 2005ish.

Color of TARDIS blue I will use is dictated by the color of the blue semi-transparent plexi-glass I found, so it will be a 2010ish blue.

It will have the St. John’s emblem and PTO sign of the new series designs

Because I like the look of wood so much, I wanted to show some photos of the build before she is painted TARDIS blue.  My next post will be of the completed project so be sure to favorite this Blog

.Click images to zoom.lamp2fulllamp6full lamp13full lamp16fulllamp18full



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