About Gary


I live in Eugene, Oregon. Very nice here.

As police boxes were phased out in Britain in the 1970s, the image of the blue police box became more associated with Doctor Who than with the police.

The BlueVery Important

I use the current BBC approved new series TARDIS blue (Pantone 2955 C) and I use Valspar® Reserve™ exterior grade, flat sheen, 100% acrylic latex paint on all my builds. This is Valspar’s® most durable paint.

The WoodEqually Important

All the wood used in all the boxes I build (big and little) is hardwood. (closer grain, more durable) Mostly Poplar, Ash, Oak, and Birch.

These cabinets and boxes are handmade with care. By a Whovian.

TARDIS Cabinets is featured in this film documentary about TARDIS builders, “Inside a Blue Box” at this link,

The first thing I consider when designing a new piece is, “Is it true to the TARDIS design?”

I approach my woodworking as an art, not a hobby and have been making sawdust since 1980.

My website is at www.TARDIScabinets.com and my Etsy shop is at www.etsy.com/shop/TARDISCabinets

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